Confession – why I no longer follow a ketogenic diet

If you have read my previous blog posts, you will know I followed a ketogenic diet for approximately 3 weeks, I tried it due to the fact I feel much better generally on a lower carb diet.

I have since decided to no longer follow the diet and go back to my fairly low carb but balanced diet.

Here’s why:

It stressed me out a bit…following any kind of diet can be a source of stress, but it is particularly stressful when you are consistently focused on consuming a high amount of fat and always monitoring carbohydrate consumption. I was never off myfitnesspal!

My fruit and veg consumption decreased…there is a lot of competing information online about whether the carbohydrates in fruit and veg should be considered against your daily carbohydrate intake.

I actually started to get belly bloat…high fat foods tend to be ‘heavy’ and fat can sometimes be hard to digest.

I started to live for the weekends…when I could eat pizza/wine/chocolate which completely jarred my perception of these foods.

Strength was an issue at the gym…for someone who wants to increase muscle and strength AND for someone who works out in the morning, it just wasn’t working for me.

I would never discourage anyone from trying it, maybe I never gave it enough time to settle in but I much preferred my balanced diet. I now realise it’s important to NOT label your diet, eat what feels good for you.


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