The importance of rest and recovery

Hey guys

Long time no speak! A short and sweet post today about how important rest is, which is all I’ve been doing lately..

After nine days of choosing longer lies over the gym it was so easy to convince myself that the muscle mass I had built was withering away with each passing day.

To be honest I didn’t actively decide to have a week (or so) off, I just became really really tired and the gym was the LAST place I wanted to be.

It has always been on my radar that you should take around 1 week off the gym every 6-8 weeks, it had dawned on me that I had been training and more specifically, weight training, consistently since the beginning of January without much of a break. Along with it being a particularly busy time at work, I decided to take some time off.

It’s important to the remember, that taking one week off the gym will have literally zero impact on your muscle mass, strength or weight. Studies show it takes approx four to six weeks of pure inactivity to see severe breakdown.

The resting part is of EQUAL importance to the actual working out. Believe it or not your body needs regular breaks to adapt to continuous training, it needs time to repair the muscles you are working. If you are not giving your muscles enough time to repair you will no see or feel the benefit of your workouts.

Extended breaks from training also provide a needed mental break to keep you motivated, you will probably find that you will have more enthusiasm to return to your workouts, maybe use the time off to come up with a new workout plan. Usually after 6-8 weeks it’s time to switch it up anyway.

So remember, give yourself a break! You’ll do a lot worse by over-training than you ever could by taking time off.

Rest Days

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