Sticky beef stir fry

Simple. Easy. Cheap and HEALTHY!


All these ingrediants cost me under £10 and will make enough portions to last me 3-4 days. If you need more carbs add rice/noodles/spiralize sweet potato…I have my high carb meals in the morning post-workout, whatever works for you!

Each portion contains: 23g Protein 13g Carb 11g Fat with a total of 273 calories

  • Add coconut oil to a pan
  • Add 100g beef and cook until brown (add more beef for more protein!)
  • Add vegetables of your choice – I bought mushroom and greens stir fry packet
  • Add 60g of sauce and cook for a further 2 minutes (IF you are calorie counting make sure you measure out everything – it’s really easy to overcompensate which can increase your calories massively!)



I love the stickiness of the peanut satay sauce! Feels like you are eating a takeaway…at the fraction of the calories!

Serve up and enjoy!

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