Leg/Glute workout

This leg/glute routine looks easy but is actually pretty difficult! The burn is real. 🔥

It can be done in 45 mins (I don’t like to spend hours in the gym – it’s really not necessary), I do 4 weight training sessions a week two upper and two lower (focussing on different muscles).

Use a resistance band for the squat jumps to make it harder! I forgot mine for this video.
🔸4 sets x 6-10 reps sumo deadlifts (legs wide apart to activate hamstrings/glutes)
🔸Superset: 4 sets single leg step ups (10 each leg) followed by 12 squat jumps
🔸Superset: 3 sets donkey leg kick backs (10-12 each leg) and adductor stretch (10 each leg)
Finish with some cardio/ab work if you have more time!

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