My first blog post!

‘First, I wanted to be skinny, then I wanted to be muscly… now I just want to be happy!’


Hi guys, welcome to my first ever blog post! I thought I would start with this topic as it describes my journey almost perfectly!

Why is it that, as human beings, we are programmed to want the complete opposite to what we have?

When I first started my (at the time) weight-loss journey I did just that, lost weight – and lots of it! It became an obsession, I wanted to become petite and skinny, to be able to wear whatever I wanted and, of course, feel and look amazing. I would go to the gym and of course, I followed the standard ‘newbie’ regime of spending 1 hour on cardiovascular based exercises and finishing off with some ab crunches (duh!?).

As I started to learn more about the gym I began to venture away from the cross-trainer machine and towards the free weights. By this point I had spent the best part of two years ‘dieting’, now the populous shift had turned and ripped, muscly woman began gracing my social media feeds and I now felt obliged to try and grow rock hard abs.

It must be said, at the time, I was obviously following ‘fitness model’s’, usually pictured half naked, for inspiration and to keep me motivated. BIG mistake – they do not look like that all year round. I’m a strong advocate for women being proud of their bodies but when it means you can’t scroll through your Instagram feed in public because your scared of what the person standing behind you might think – I started to question, what is the fitness industry really about? And, am I being brainwashed?

(Adviceunfollow every account on Instagram that makes you feel like you need to be someone else)

SO, I made the EFFORT and acted – I took my own advice (above) and unfollowed every account that made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. I began to focus on my own, individual progress and slowly but surely my mindset is beginning to change.

Now I really do just want to be happy, and I am…most days, on Monday I’m on that stereotypical ‘new week, new goals’ mind-set and sometimes by Thursday it has all fallen apart and I’m scrolling through Instagram comparing myself to others – it’s ok – we all do it, just notice when you’re doing it and make the EFFORT to train your mind to take it all with a pinch of salt, you do you, you don’t know who’s watching and admiring your progress!


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